2014 Roster

Stevens Racing P/B The Cyclery 2014 Men’s Roster

benBen Andrew  Age: 22,  Years Racing: 5

Learning to compete on the mountain bike, and then racing some triathlons as a youngster, Ben has been racing his bike from a young age. After his first road race at 16 years of age, and the realization that running was not his forté, he transitioned to the road. He is really looking forward to continuing my cycling experiences with the Stevens Racing p/b the Cyclery team in 2014!


boudreau_600x900Marc Boudreau Age: 45, Years racing: A lot

Since the inauguration of a men’s elite team in 2010, Marc has brought his wisdom and years of experience to help develop budding Ottawa cyclists. When not racing cyclocross in Belgium in the winter, Marc can be found winning every sign sprint from Barrhaven to Merrickville, or enjoying multiple cans of Coca-Cola.


Braydon BourneBraydon Bourne Age: 23, Years Racing: 4

Banned from video games as a youngster, Braydon was left to play hockey and bike around with his younger brothers Adam and Patrick. After getting his first road bike at the age of 13, he continued his love for riding, and raced mountain bikes throughout his teens. Since moving to Ottawa for University, and getting a job at the Cyclery, Braydon became immersed in the Ottawa race scene and caught the racing fever.


Matteo Dal-CinMatteo Dal-Cin Age: 23, Years Racing: 11

Matteo started riding because it runs in the family. His father raced, which sparked young Matteo’s interest enough to give it a shot. After trying a couple of local Ottawa races and liking them, he slowly did more and more, year after year.



obrien_600x900Conor O’brien Age: 22, Years Racing: 6

Conor started riding around the neighbourhood with friends, jumping off curbs and getting sweet air. That transitioned into some local mountain bike racing, and with the help of the Ottawa cycling community, he got pushed into racing cyclocross. Furthering from his mountain bike roots, Conor jumped on a road bike to train for cyclocross and hasn’t looked back since!


JS PerronJean-Sébastien Perron Age: 29, Years Racing: 13

JS started racing on the mountain bike as well. Highlights from his mountain bike career include a Québec title and racing in the World Championships. He began to do more road racing to qualify for Canada Summer Games, and discovered his ability to succeed on the road. Since switching to road at the age of 20, JS has had the opportunity to race UCI races on both American and European soil. His biggest weakness as a cyclist is his love for winter and the forest keep him from a year-round commitment to the bike. But when spring comes and the roads are clear, watch out!


proulx_600x900Steve Proulx Age:45, Years Racing: 9

After “taking his ball and going home” for good, Steve started playing with bikes in 1998 and after many years of armour clad “Freeriding” he finally raced his road bike in 2005 after the doping era’s supposed halt.
Major results: Believing that winning the Tour De France is the only result that would matter, Steve has no “Major” results.