Philadelphia International Cycling Championship

Last weekend the Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery women’s team traveled down to Philadelphia to race with some of the top elite female racers in the world on a very challenging and famous race circuit. Here is a race report from Flo Laplante:

The race in Phily was a great learning experience for all of us! We came with the plan to help Carrie get QOM, by putting her in a good position at the base of the climb. With the size of the pack and the difficulty of the race, we were not able to execute that objective 100% but at least coming in the race with a goal in mind was good.

In the first few kms, the whole Stevens team was in the first half of the pack, which was noticed by some fellow Canadian top level racers! We focused a great deal on position as it is key in this race, mostly at the base of the climb. Carrie did a great job staying with the pack until the 4th time up the hill and finished just behind the main group, a great performance!

I would expand more on the play-by-play of the race if I knew, but for myself it was mostly head down and pedal from start to finish, and more of an individual learning experience. Although I must say the other Stevens riders that I rode with during the race encouraged each other and myself, which I think says a lot about our team! 🙂 We all had the chance to experience the importance of positioning, pacing up the hill, using the caravan, feeding, etc..

For myself, riding with top racers like Bronzini and Ina was super motivating. Post race, everyone was able to identify things that they learnt and things that need to be worked on. A great weekend!