Linking Up

Today we’ve got a bunch of reading and links for you. Yes, kind of a lazy post but it has been one of those weeks and we’d really much rather be out riding our bikes than sitting in front of a computer… Can you blame us?

Thinking about doing a single track bicycle tour? Give this article a read to get some pointers on what to pack and how to plan ahead.

It is the biggest weekend on the mountain biking calendar – the World Championships. If you’re trying to figure out how and where you can watch the speedy cross-country racers, the nimble and quick downhillers and want to get our fill of 4x, use this viewing guide.

There’s a tradeshow going on right now in Germany. Yes – it is Eurobike time. Here are few articles that give us a glimpse of the latest and greatest to be put on display.

As usual we always have cyclo-cross on the brain here at Stevens Bikes – and we’d like to highlight this great program by one of our retailers. The Cyclery has a special program specifically focused on getting kids out on cyclo-cross bikes. 

So there you have it, a few links to keep your Thursday morning fresh. Have a good one!